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CREATE or COPY master data pages in APEX

Von Tobias Arnhold → 3.07.2018
In this blog post I just want to give a hint about the positive and negatives effects when you COPY master data pages for different master data tables.

Both tables have the same columns :

In APEX you have a Master - Detail view including 2 pages: report view and modal dialog

If you decide to copy both pages you have to adjust the following things:
Master Data Report:
 - Page Name
 - Breadcrumb
 - Navigation Menu
 - Report DDL: Table Name
 - Report Column Link
 - Create Button Link

Modal Dialog:
 - After Header - Automatic Row Fetch (Name, Table Name)
 - Processing - Automatic Row Processing (Name, Table Name)
 - After Processing - Branch
 - APEX Items (in case you have different names or use prefixes)

What is the advantage?
1. Security
Security settings get copied like "Page Authorization Scheme". Master data pages normally apply to only one role, for example: administration
2. Labels and messages get copied (items, buttons). Really helpful if you named them differently to the standard APEX naming.

What is the disadvantage?
1. Linking
If you forget to change the branches/links then you could end up on the wrong page changing the wrong data. But on the other side this is the first thing you check after you finished the editing of the pages.
2. Automatic processing
If you forget to update the table names then you end up changing the wrong data.

It is a bit more risky to copy master data pages but it can save you a lot of time changing label names and to remember the security settings.

Interactive Report - Column background color

Von Tobias Arnhold → 3.01.2018
One of my customers needed an IR where half of the report columns should be visualized in another color.

It is really easy to integrate. Go into the report column attributes inside your "Page Designer" and add a "Static ID" for each column:

Column 1: rep_col_diffcolor_1
Column 2: rep_col_diffcolor_2

Now add this CSS snippet inside the page attributes:

.a-IRR-table tr td[headers*="rep_col_diffcolor_"]
    background-color: #99ccff;

The trick is to address every element by searching for the start part of the "Static ID" name.