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Join the NextGEN group at APEX Connect 18

Von Tobias Arnhold → 4.20.2018
The #NextGEN community is planning an after conference evening activity. For that reason we published a German article with all details on My dear friend Jonas translated the text via

Original article:
Wir sind EINE Community!

Here you go:


Young people who are motivated to get involved in conference planning? Yes, that's right!
And these motivated youngsters bring 24 more youngsters far away from the Oracle APEX universe.
Before the "older ones" among us now fall into shock rigidity - stay relaxed, because we need you!

These 24 students have no idea of our special APEX community.
It's up to us to take them along and show them how much fun, passion and action they can expect in APEX everyday life.

How do you recognize the students? 
Long hair, pale skin, no crutch... well, seriously: all students wear orange bracelets.

What do we expect from you?
Talk to the students! Don't just make them feel like they're in the community, but show them what it means to live the APEX community membership.

How do you do it best?
In addition to the conference and community evening on Wednesday, there are other networking opportunities:
For example, anyone interested can meet after the Speaker Reception on Tuesday at Schweinske (Bolkerstr. 28) from 8:30 p.m. in Düsseldorf's Old Town.
On Wednesday, after the official evening event at the Apollo Varieté, a joint visit to Club El Papagayo, which you can find at Mertensgasse 2 (both on a self-payer basis).

A tip: Give the poor students a drink - this will certainly increase their attention to want to know something about APEX! :slightly_smiling_face:

With these requests and advice we hope as NextGEN to bring the young savages together with the established community.

See you at APEX Connect!

Your NextGen team:

Abby, Caro, Rebecca, Davide, Jonas, Matthias, Philipp, Sebastian and Tobias


See on Tuesday! =)