Working with the APEX tree

Von Tobias Arnhold 6.27.2018
Out of a coincidence I haven't used the APEX tree region for years. Now I got the task to create a customizable tree in my application. Since APEX 5 there is a new tree type called "APEX tree" which supports some really cool functions.

Anyway I had to look around to find out what the APEX tree is actually capable of. First of all start with the APEX "Sample Trees" application which you find in the packaged application area.

Morten Braten took that example and described the features really well:

John Snyders from the APEX team also created 2 blogposts about the "APEX tree":
APEX 5.0 Converting to the new APEX Tree
Add Checkbox Selection to APEX Tree Region

And as he mentioned there is a Javascript library behind it "libraries/apex/widget.treeView.js." which is documented since APEX 18.1 or at least I think it is. Anyway here is a link which I also have to further investigate:
JS Doc: Widget: treeView

German users can read this document provided by MT AG: