In case you have a small application where development, test and maybe also production environment are on the same database and your applications in this environment distinguish only by the application IDs. To setup a custom application name based on the ID you could do like this:

We assume our application name is "Training room app" defined in the "Shared Components" > "User Interface Attributes"

To differentiate the environments I add a dynamic action "Page Load" on Page 0.
This dynamic action is executing custom Javascript code:

if ('&APP_ID.' == '200') {
  $('.t-Header-logo').find('span').html('Training room app - <b style="color:#008A34">Test Environment</b>');
else if ('&APP_ID.' == '300') {
  $('.t-Header-logo').find('span').html('Training room app - <b style="color:#9366a5">Development Environment</b>');

The code is changing the name of the logo area.