#nextGENTrip18 a Twitter story

Von Tobias Arnhold 8.27.2018
I would like to give you a feeling about our #NextGEN community activities by showing you a collection of tweets at the latest event which we participated:

The #ApexDay2018 in Stockholm at the SWEOUG

We have been 12 IT enthusiast from different places and different life circumstances.
 - 6 women and 6 men
 - 5 students and 5 employees and 2 freelancer
 - 9 Oracle specialists and 7 of them working primary with APEX


Get everyone further engaged in #NextGEN activities and inspire new IT enthusiasts to join our community/activities/events.

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The Twitter story

5 reasons why 

You came this far... That can only mean that you want to join us.
We have a Slack channel where we organize new events and help each other on different topics. Especially APEX newcomer get a lot of support. Slack channel communication is in German. If you want to join then just write us an email: nextgen@doag.org