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And the APEX Coin goes to...

Von Tobias Arnhold → 3.05.2019
And the APEX Coin goes to...

Before I tell you.. Here is the story behind it!

Adrian Png is a Senior APEX developer and he is doing a lot of things for the APEX Community. For that reason he earned the APEX.WORLD Member of the year award.

His last outstanding idea was the APEX Challenge Coin!
In short: You can announce one or more great APEX developers who you think earn an APEX Coin.
But please read the full story here: Announcing the APEX Challenge Coin 

Of course I had to ask Adrian to send me 2 coins.

Unfortunately I know to many great APEX developers only in Germany. How in hell will I ever be able to choose one???

So my choice fell on 2 passionate people doing not only APEX. They lead and support our German APEX Community since years. Here are some examples:
 - APEX Meetup organizers
 - Member of the DOAG development community
 - Supporting the APEX Connect conference

But this is not the main reason!

The main reason is the passionate work in supporting and helping "Woman in Tech" (WIT) to become part of our wonderful APEX community.

And the APEX Coin goes to... Carolin Hagemann and Sabine Heimsath !

P.S.: As you can see on the picture I got 3 coins. So thanks Adrian for giving me one as well. :)