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Interactive Grid: After Update Trigger

Von Tobias Arnhold → 3.29.2020
If you want to run a process after the "Interactive Grid" successfully updated all rows you can achieve this with a dynamic action. This can be necessary if you need to update certain columns calculated over several row in the same table you updated within the grid. Problem is to refresh the related data inside the grid as well.

You edit 3 rows for column A within your grid.
The grid updates column A row by row.
After that an update process should calculate a new result for column B which includes the data from all those updated 3 rows in column A.

Column A
row 1: 150 
row 2: 200
row 3: 100

Column B includes the sum of  column A
row 1: 450 
row 2: 450 
row 3: 450  

All you need to do is to define your Grid like this:
Interactive Grid > Advanced > Static ID: igYourGrid

Dynamic Action Event: Save [Interactive Grid]
Selection Type: Region
Region: Your Grid
Event Scope: Static

Action: Execute PL/SQL Code

Action: Execute Javascript Code
var model = apex.region("igYourGrid").widget().interactiveGrid("getViews").grid.model;

Be aware that the custom_pkg.after_update_process; process may not be executed when JavaScript errors occur.

This solution is completely dynamic and does not require a page submit.


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